Charles Jeffrey, Evan Dando, Lucinda Chambers and others on the outfit that made them


From wastepaper containers as caps to dresses made of mirrors – eight originators, artists and humorists pick the one look that transformed them

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The outfits that transformed us.

The outfits that transformed us. Delineation: Guardian Design

‘The main issue is my toenails’: Evan Dando, artist and frontman of the Lemonheads

I have a photograph of me taken in 1998 or 1999. It’s nothing strange except for I look genuine clean. I like the cut of the pants, the pleasant boots, the great T-shirt; that is the means by which I like to think about my garments. The minute is vital in light of the fact that a standout amongst my closest companions, Epic Soundtracks [from the band Swell Maps], had simply passed on. I was in a harsh spot – yet I was leaving it. Things showed signs of improvement: I kicked medications and met my significant other Elisabeth.

What we wore when we were in groups during the 90s [the grunge look], it was anything but a style, it was exactly what we wore. I really love garments. Presently I wear corduroy pants, a wool shirt, pants and shoes. I don’t assume anybody motivates too old to even think about wearing decent things. The main issue is my toenails. They’re long and dark since I haven’t worn socks in a while. I truly need to cut them.

‘I replicated Joshua Von Grimm’s look with no disgrace’: Charles Jeffrey, architect

I’d never needed so in a flash to appear as though somebody than when I saw the Horrors guitarist Joshua Von Grimm’s outfit in the Sheena Is A Parasite video – chief Chris Cunningham’s best – in 2006. Those crazy thin cigarette jeans and shirt, the white Chelsea boots, the unfathomably gigantic hair. I promptly replicated nearly every little thing about it with no disgrace.

It is a standout amongst my most developmental encounters as a planner. It lit up a portable fire stick for me, the manner in which it pulled things from history, however made something super-present day. Despite the fact that it is somehow or another cautiously considered, there remains something so prompt about it. It addresses all that I like about style as a methods for self-articulation. It’s grandiose and it’s sort of devised, however it’s extremely alive. I adore that.


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