From champagne to Tali Lennox: this week’s fashion trends


Going up

Glass pass Champagne was served in befuddled woodwinds at the Givenchy menswear appear. On the off chance that it’s adequate for them…

Winter pink Mulberry’s first shades line has propelled, in hues including Hibiscus Red and Sorbet Pink. Bring us daylight.

Rave pop What we’re calling Justin Bieber’s new line, Drew, because of the smiley face logo.

Smaller than normal minerals Rose quartz eye medications are the new jade rollers.

High style Platform shoes were as of late endorsed by Anna Wintour in Vogue.

In vogue High Heels with outrageous stage sole

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The Love Burger Veganuary’s a distant memory regardless we’re requesting this beet-y bun from Leon.

Going down

Glass skin There’s sparkling skin and after that there’s Thom Browne covering models’ countenances in plastic film at his Paris appear. Sparkling.

Space buns Let them free to make high braids rather, as worn by Tali Lennox.

Silicone Beaded swimming tops made a sprinkle at a few couture style week appears.


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